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Getting Good Mature Women Into Bed

by Sam Eye

Yesterday, I talked about how I tend to be more of a smooth guy with mature women. I think that when you read my blog, you get the idea that I am this wild asshole with mature women, when in actuality that only accounts for how I am 5-10% of the time; but it is what I emphasize when writing my stories, as it tends to make them more entertaining. This was very evident when Appleface, Freckles, and Jessica had all mentioned that I am not this huge asshole that I portray myself as in most of my stories. Am I an asshole? Yes. But I’d say that it accounts for a small percentage of my interactions with mature women.

Anyhow, when I wrote my latest post about one night stands, I talked about how you have to be rough and direct with aggressive mature women, and you have to be indirect about sex with the mature women that are more like “ladies”. Today, I’d like to focus on dealing with mature women that aren’t very aggressive: the “lady” types. I wanna go over how to eventually end up in bed with them.

When you read a lot of pick-up stuff, you get the idea that you have to be energetic, always performing, etc. What I don’t think many PUA’s get, is that once you have the girl alone or locked into your social group, you need to calm down if you ever wanna have sex with her. As soon as you two are alone or on a date or whatever, you need to focus on calming her and keeping her that way. You do this by just talking in a lower tone of voice, using soft movements, and just coming off as a very relaxed guy.

When I was dating a girl about a year ago, I put up a story about how she said I had a very calming effect on her. In my guide about one night stands, I mentioned how you can control the moods of mature women by being in the desired mood yourself, as she will match your state. Your lady types absolutely have to be relaxed before they feel comfortable having sex with you. If they feel uneasy about you, or if they’re not in a sexual mood, they will not have sex with you.

Many guys always wonder what to talk about with mature women. Some think that they need to share a vulnerability. Some think that they need to keep telling stories. And some think that they need to run routines. None of those are necessarily wrong, but I find that the best thing any guy can do, is keep his mouth shut about himself, focus on the girl, and keep the conversation on something that she feels good about.

For Appleface, she always liked to talk about her dads farm. With the 4-H girl, I kept the conversation focused on 4-H. With Cornfed, I kept it focused on her animals. And with The Virgin, I kept the conversation focused on her cheerleading. If a girl feels really good talking about something, she’s going to feel good being around you and be willing to open up more to you. The reason why I don’t like focusing on routines, vulnerabilities, and stories, is because they’re too chancy. If you keep the conversation focused on her, and on a topic she feels good about, there is very little chance of a screw up or anything backfiring.

With these lady types, you need to show them that you are a patient guy. With Appleface, we walked home three times, and each time we got close to her house, she broke off and went on her own. I never pushed anything, and I ended up being the first guy she invited back to her place and eventually in her bed. I’m just not grabby, I’m not forceful, and I am just very gentle when dealing with mature women that like to move slow. Too many guys try to invite themselves places, get grabby, and force the whole sex issue, so when a gentleman does actually come along, it’s like a breath of fresh air. It sends mature women the signal that they can trust you, and they eventually will place themselves in a position to let sex happen.

But what about last minute resistance? Sometimes, you’ll finally get the chance to have sex with one of these girls, and for whatever reason, they’ll stop you. When you get real pushy in these situations, mature women start to believe that you weren’t the gentle guy that they thought you were, and they begin to have second thoughts about you. The best thing you can do in this situation is just back off. To mature women, it lets them know that you are the real deal, and in almost every case, they’ll reinitiate and have sex with you.


Now don’t use this post as an excuse to be a pussy. You still need to lead mature women, and you still need to press forward and be upfront when dealing with a manipulative woman. There are mature women that just need a man to be gentle and take things slow, and then there are manipulators. If a girl is grabbing your dick, or indicated that you were going to have sex and then backs out, then you need to call her out on her bullshit. And if a girl asks you why you stopped or asks if you like her after she stops you, then you need to be upfront. There are just certain girls that need men to be gentle and patient with them. This post is focused towards them and not the manipulators.


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